playing video programmatically

I’ve been looking into programmatically playing some vga quality videos on a beaglebone black, and ran into a few speed bumps with the python libraries I looked at first (pygame, moviepy). Now I’m looking at using a JavaScript library maybe popcorn,js or video.js, but I’m not sure I’m going to get the behavior I want out of them, specifically zero UI and fast loading.

Just thought I would ask if anyone has done something like trying to play videos based on some gpio input etc.
I have been using the Debian image by default but I could do whatever.


Check out mplayer.
It has a slave mode (-slave) where you can spawn a process and pipe commands to it from std input.
I'm using it to play radio streams with a mono c# front end.
I've seen posts where people have embedded the player window in their application using a window handle.