Please Recommend Good Embedded Linux Book

Please Recommend Good Embedded Linux Book which is more geared towards
Beagle XM and beaglebone.

What exactly are you looking to learn about? There's a wide variety
of things one can do with a Beagle. Understanding what your goals are
will make it easier to provide good recommendations.

For example, do you want to:

build a Linux system from scratch?
build 3D apps?
do multimedia processing?
control external devices?
write web apps?
build a robot?


I’m interested in building a system from scratch. Thank you for your thoughts.


> Please Recommend Good Embedded Linux Book which is more geared towards
> Beagle XM and beaglebone.

My USB Embedded Hosts book has Linux example code for accessing USB devices from a BeagleBoard-xM. More info is here:



I am interested in build a robot and control external devices with Linux


I am interested in writing web apps and controlling external devices with Linux. Thanks for your helps.


2011/12/24 Rajan Sachdeva <>


You could check out the Cross Linux from Scratch project for learning
how to build Linux from scratch.

Direct ARM embedded book:

The embedded and sysroot books are a bit of a work in progress, and
you'll need to configure and build your own kernel and bootloaders
(instructions aren't easy to write for a variety of targets, you can
just use the provided bootloader that comes with a Beagle and the
defconfigs that come with kernel source).
The main CLFS book is very well developed but doesn't target ARM.

My BeagleBoard-xM booted an older CLFS embedded book build here:


I’ve been using Embedded Linux Primer[1] 2nd Edition in my BeagleClass [2]. It isn’t Beagle specific, thought it isn’t hard to map its examples to the Beagle. It touches on a wide range of topics (booting, kernel modules, busybox, etc), each has (or could have) a whole book written on it. You get a nice big picture of what all is involved with embedding Linux.



i'll second the recommendation of the hallinan book, and not just
because i was one of its technical reviewers. :slight_smile:

  i'll add a recommendation of "essential linux device drivers", for
more specific driver examples:

  finally, there's all the content over at,
including an entire page on the beagle,

which, for all i know, might borrow liberally from mark's material.


Thank you Andrew

Happy New Year,


2011/12/29 Ed Grassel <>

while LDD3 is available online,, it is
showing its age these days. so it's worth reading as long as you keep
in mind that there are newer features that aren't covered in it.


Perhaps someone might be interested in (commercial) Video training courses:
(embedded Linux ARM9).

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