Please suggest me wether "it is due to faulty power supply" or "corrupt kernel image".

Hi All,

I recently purchased beagleboard-xM.
When I am booting this board with 5V power supply,
it boots upto the following message and then reboot.

What are the specifications for your power supply?


Better use a power supply with current rating mre than 2A.

In addition, there is an issue in that depending on the kernel used, including the one that ships with the board, the kernel hangs on the OTG port if it is plugged in.


And a workaround for that is described at

Hi All,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I am now able to boot the kernel/
by changing the power supply.

There was some problem with current capacity of the power supply, so i
aranged one new power supply with 5V, and 2A.

The problem is now resolved.