PLS HELP-have some problem with beagleboard at the starting itself

hi everyone..,
                    this is Gopi doing my final yr B.E. ECE and i have
chosen our curriculum project in image processing using beagleboard. I
am doing image processing using OpenCV and I am done with software
part. today only started my work with beagleboard.

                   but i have some problem with it. after powering it
up, I connected the board with PC through serial port.
but it dint display anything like TI omap ....., as i expected.
Instead of that I got the following value only..., "AT S7=45 S0=0 E1
&C1 Q1"

                   please somebody help me to get through this

awaiting someone's reply.


Hi Gopi,

It sounds like your serial program is not configured properly. Make sure it is 115200,N81 with no hardware flow control, no software flow control. Is this an xM or rev. C board?

Hi Gopi,

If your serial program was wrongly configured I’d expect you to see nothing, or to see garbage

Those are modem S-register values. At a guess you might be using the wrong COM port on your PC
and are getting responses from the internal modem (that’s a simpler answer than you having a
modem daemon configured on your Beagleboard anyway!)