Plz help me with google chrome web browser

Hi Friends.I m new to google groups…and BBB is my first group…and this is my first post which actually a problem i m facing rihgt now…plz help me out here.
From yesterday I m not able to connect to intrnet through google chrome…the error message is

yesterday I found an extension in chrome named Dealz which was not disable type ie isntall by enterprise policy…Any way i tried to remove it by anti malware byte softawre…but no luck instead the chrome was unable to connect to internet…same msg again and again…tried many thing:but no help
1.uninstall antimalware,
2.unistall chrome
3.deleted chrome folder from appdata/ local/googgle,then installing chrome mainy times bt no luck. chrome advance setting/lan setting/…tried all possible things in proxy setting option

5.install many anti virus/malware software but no help

what to do??my only browser working is Firefox…chrome n EI is bleeped up.

plz help.

PS:downloaded two new webbrowser…same problem
also in chrome I did this chrome://net-internals/#proxy

Effective proxy settings PAC script: http://wpad/wpad.dat
Source: SYSTEM
Original proxy settings Auto-detect
Source: SYSTEM

But on my other system,contecting to same network…the effective setting is same as original setting.
I also deleted wpad in HKEY/software/microsoft/windows/currnt/internet…to check…but no luck.

Its real hard to troubleshoot someone else’s network remotely, but since you say Firefox works, what are the connection settings in

Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Network->Connection Settings?

That should give you the proxy settings that you should then be able to put them into Chrome. Although you may need to use a command line tool to do so, Chrome will give you hints to get started if your OS makes this necessary.

OTOH if Firefox works, why not just use it and move on, instead of fighting your network’s policies.