Pocket Beagle Battery Pack, Thermistor

Battery pack
Temperature monitoring
Graceful OS shutdown

I am looking for 10K NTC Thermistors with B=3480. How critical is the B value, or what range can I accept? Currently I am looking on Mouser and I don't see that specific value.

Is there a specific or recommended battery pack? I'm just using an 18650 from a local surplus store.

I plan to do a number of experiments with various temperature monitoring solutions with self-logging or using another pocket beagle, etc. I want to document my experiments and post the results somewhere, perhaps my github.

I also want to have something on the Debian side to gracefully shut the board down when the battery gets low.

Mouser #: 594-NTCALUG01A103G
Mfr. #: NTCALUG01A103G
Mfr.: Vishay / BC Components
Description: NTC Thermistors 10k 2%

3435 seems to be within 2 percent of 3480

— Graham

Thanks! I added that to my order.

Looking on Digikey, they have B0/50, B25/50, B25/75, B25/85, B25/100. Do you know what that means?

I found a couple B25/85 3480K but they’re $6 or $8 each. That seems a bit much.


This is the resistance at two temperature points. The first point (25%) is where the “normal” resistance is taken. The table below the values is what the resistance is a the second point.