Pocket beagle not appearing as USB devices

I got my pocket beagle. download bbb.io/latest flashed a sd ir appears to boot. Lots of flashing on usb2 slower flash on usb0. Tried a win7 pc and a Mac, neither see it as a device.

ANy suggestions, is there a console I can monitor?

Any debugging suggestions would be appreciated.

Lots of flashing on usb2 slower flash on usb0.
There are no usb2 and usb0 LEDs.
What are you looking at?
Probably the USR0 through USR3 LEDs, which report disk access and CPU activity, but not USB activity.
USR stands for User.

Are you sure that you are using a USB cable with data lines in it?
A lot of the USB-Type-A to USB-micro cables are intended for cell phone or other battery charging, and some do not have the data lines inside the cable, so won’t work for talking to PocketBeagles.

The Linux console is brought out on UART0, connector P1-30 and P1-32.
You will need a 3.3V serial data cable, and figure out how to connect to those pin locations.
115200 baud, 8N1 (8 bit data, No parity bit, 1 stop bit)

— Graham


would by chance have you added another USB connector to the board?

If so, make sure you do not make the mistake that I have done and connect the PC to that USB connector. For it will indeed fire up the Pocketbeagle and the LEDs will blink, but you will not be able to communicate to the board that way.

What do you mean by “fire up the Pocketbeagle”? I put a second usb port on my pocket and I did connect the pocket to another computer using that connection.

I can’t see the beagle on any systemThe lights flick I connect it to. Did I fry the USB controller? The beagle seems to boot fine. The LEDs all flicker, but nothing happens.


As I understand it, the USB-0 micro-usb connector on the Pocketbeagle is configured as an accessory port, it looks for an external host device.

The second USB port, brought out to the pin blocks, is configured as a host, so that you can connect accessories to it.

So, only the USB-0 micro-USB connector will appear on a remote host.

The second USB-1 port works fine if you do things like connect a USB-Ethernet accessory to it for network access to the PocketBeagle.

How USB power works is a totally different discussion.

— Graham