Pocket beaglebone CAN is not working


Last week I got my pocket beaglebone.

I am trying CAN communication. So for that I have added CAN device tree overlay in uEnx.txt as I did with beaglebone enhanced.

But after booting when I am setting up network interface it is not working.

When I did same thing with beaglebone enhanced board it is working properly.

What extra changes I need to do to make this work.

I am using IoT image without GUI from official website.

Please guide me on this.

Hello, are you still having this issue?


My problem is solved and CAN is working properly. Here is what is did

  1. Made changes in /boot/uEnv.txt by adding device tree overlay.
  2. After rebooting up using dmsg checked whether network interface is registered or not - it is showing CAN network registered.
  3. After that I just configured nete interface using
    sudo ip link set can0 type can bitrate xxxxxx , ip link set up can0
  4. This is step what I was missing - changing pin configuration
    config-pin P1.26/28 can
    After this everything is working properly .