PocketBeagle and 1.8V SPI

In a past i’ve created a simple extention board for PocketBeagle. However, IC I was using now EOL. There is a pin-to-pin compatible IC from the same vendor however it uses 1.8V SPI (the previous one was 3.3V). I was trying to understand if PocketBeagle is capable to manage that level of SPI signal or I should redesign a board and add a level shifter here…
I investigated slightly TRM/Datashit for AM335x and theoretically if VDDS will be provided with 1.8, then SPI can be switched to that level. But I’m not really sure if I understand it correctly. The other point is that PocketBeagle actually is using not AM335x but Octavo’s solution, and how it is done in there I have no idea.

Could you please help me to understand PocketBeagle capabilities here?