PocketBeagle and macOS Catalina

I booted on a microSD my new pocket beagle with bone-debian-9.11-console-armhf-2019-12-01-1gb.img.xz. It booted and I have the heartbeat led flashing.

However, it never showed up in my mac finder window (mac is running macOS Catalina 10. 15.1) as a drive. Nor if I ping (or do I get a response. Is there something else I should be doing to see the pocket beagle?

Don't use MacOS Catalina... <G>


{I don't know what a "pocketnc" is, but apparently the problem is not
Beagle specific -- just google "beaglebone catalina"}

Thanks for the link. It at least offered an extension I could use temporary to log into pocket Beagle. It doesn’t show up as a drive on my mac, but I can scp for file transfers.
So as a temporary patch, it will work.