PocketBeagle detailed pinout with pinmux

In case somebody is interested in this: attached to my mail you can find a detailed pinout of the PocketBeagle expansion header.

This is assembled out of the information of AM3358 TRM and the image given in PocketBone GIT repository. It contains all pins including their pinmuxable functions (including also all PRU connections)

Please note: this is not yet verified against the real world hardware yet, so handle with care.


PocketBeagle.ods (19 KB)

Thanks for the info! Very helpful.
– Will

Actually this is not correct, many pins (especially on P2) are just wrong. Sorry :frowning:

I’d recommend using this one instead https://github.com/beagleboard/capes/blob/master/README.mediawiki
ESPECIALLY if you can find a better way of visualizing it than GitHub’s own preview.

It is also in the repo as a CSV file.