Pocketbeagle GamePup

I have the Pocket Beagle as coolbpp.local running as a RNDIS client for over a year.

I know Linux and use the debian

Linux coolbbp 4.9.147-ti-r120 #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Apr 3 22:20:57 UTC 2019 armv7l

I have been watching pocket capes for USB and Bella Mini was work in progress.

Then I saw the GHI GamePup and it added features I wanted.

Goal is a Midi Juke box in a simple form.
It will feature aconnect and aplay midi from the command line but have a 160x120 display to
select configurations.

I use the Akai LPD8 which is programmed with WINE Windows editor.
It has eight velocity pads and eight rotary knobs powered by USB as class-compliant client.

I also recently added the Akai MPK mini play which adds 25 note music keyboard and built in speaker
to play General Midi sounds.

I use aconnect to have the LPD8 select the sounds in one of 24 Program Change presets.

I also can play mid files with the Akai MPK 25 into battery powered Gemini AS10ToGo that can mix voice with echo
and 1/8" with other 1/4" like guitar or performance keyboard.
It also can simultaneously stream bluetooth and output to another stereo connection.
These powered can be ganged serially with RCA connections.
Box says 1000 watt peak so nice and loud !

I use a Ubuntu Studio laptop now but want to use the USB power of the PA speaker for pocket beagle with USB Midi devices.
The game pup display and buttons will add a lot of functionality to the setup as well as add lots of S.T.E.A.M. powered educational opportunities.

Since everything is portable and battery powered I plan to also make it solar charged and sustainable topic learning.
The pocket beagle could be a charge control monitor and Click Boards can add even more weather topics like storm warning with music or mp3 announcements.

I just need the first step of Bill of Materials and any sample programs as the link on package and Github are not very informative.

Anyone able to help reading this here ?

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