PocketBeagle Kernel Building and CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE

On PocketBeagle I am trying to rebuild the Linux kernel using the mainline kernel v4.14.108 and using the kernel config file shipped with the latest Debian 9 Stretch IoT image for the PocketBeagle. I am rebuilding the kernel because I need to include some additional drivers. But after hours of compiling it fails on not being able to find the following files: am335x-pm-firmware.elf ; am335x-bone-scale-data.bin ; am335x-evm-scale-data.bin ; am43x-evm-scale-data.bin
What are the implications of simply excluding these CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE from the kernel configuration for the PocketBeagle?
Otherwise into which directory should I try include these files before compiling? And do I simply include these as .elf and .bin files?
(I am following this procedure here for the kernel building https://linuxhint.com/how-to-upgrade-kernel-of-debian-9-stretch-from-source/ )

They provide the firmware for the m3 power management subsystem..

You can grab the source and pre-built bin's from this repo: