PocketBeagle USB-C

Hi All
I’m starting to delve into this
can someone please advise how can i connect USB-C Breakout board to PocketBeagle

Type-C has two more pins.. CC1 and CC2 which help determine
orientation. Whereas the PocketBeagle is only USB2.0..


Connect each CC* pin to gnd with their own 5.1k resistor


Another choice:
Adafruit USB C Breakout Board - Downstream Connection PRODUCT ID: 4090
Digi-Key Part Number 1528-2873-ND

Instructions at

It already has the two resistors on it, that Robert referred to.

— Graham

Nice! Yeah, that would be much better..


CC1 & CC2 pins from USB-C that you mentioned, which pins on the breakout board of pocket eagle so I connect them too


You don't connect them to anything "on" the PocketBeagle.. Take a
look at your breakout board, as we don't know which version you have..

Just make sure CC1 and CC2 have their own 5.1K resistor tied to Ground..