PocketBeagle USB1 unable to detect/enable

Hello all,

I am connecting a rf module to Pocketbeagle via USB1 with the below configuration (as mentioned in here https://groups.google.com/g/beagleboard/c/SWNBrgsjIeA) but failed to detect USB1 as lsusb or in ls/dev/tty*

rf module lines are (Vin,D+,D-, GND)

At PocketBeagle:

-P1.5, 1.7 shorted
-P1.13,1.15 shorted

-P1.1 connect to USB 5v

so the USB1 is powered by VIN instead of USB0 supply. Also I tried it with powering PocketBeagle from USB0 though, but there is no usb1 device listing. The Pocketbeagle boots well.

Please help! Thanks.