PocketBeagle VNC

I see that the has the following VNCs; tightvncviewer, vncviewer & xvnc4viewer. But Ido not know how to start them up.

But when I try just the basic command of “sudo tightvncserver” I get an error of command not found.

How does one start up VNC on the PocketBeagle?

Assuming you are already connected Pocket-beagle to the Internet via WIFI.
Follow the step to install and config VNC Server.

  1. sudo apt update
  2. sudo apt dist-upgrade
  3. restart
  4. sudo apt install xfce4
  5. sudo apt install tightvncserver
  6. restart
  7. now to start the server type: vncserver
  8. first time it asks to create a password(this is not your login password), enter a new vncserver password.
  9. then it asks whether you need password for “view only capability”, we dont need it.
  10. your vncserver will start.
  11. open TightVNC viewer and enter your IP ex: 192.168.xx.xxx:1
  12. next time once you restart the beagle, you can start the server by typing vncserver in terminal.

Thank you for your instruction, but why is it that you can only access a VNC session if you are on wifi and not when connected up using its on board miniature USB connector, like we can with the BeagleBone?