Pocketbeagle Wifi Dongle Problems

I am struggling getting a pocketbeagle connected to wifi using a dongle.

I had posted on the google groups a few days ago, but haven’t had any success.

I just ran into the google groups thread that said to post here.

I hope it’s ok to link to that thread as it has all the log info:

Pocketbeagle Wifi Dongle Problems (google.com)

Please help me sort out these errors:

[ 0.001560] timer_probe: no matching timers found
[ 0.159609] l4_wkup_cm:clk:0010:0: failed to disable
[ 1.215108] omap_voltage_late_init: Voltage driver support not added
[ 1.708436] musb-hdrc musb-hdrc.1: VBUS_ERROR in a_wait_vrise (80, <SessEnd), retry #3, port1 0008010c

Best Regards,

Patrick Bolton

This issue has been resolved.