PocketBeagle with Windows 11

The PocketBeagle network connection does not show up on Windows 11. In fact, the device doesn’t show up anywhere in Device Manager. It works great on Windows 10 and MacOS. Any suggestions/ideas?

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ssh debian@beaglebone.local on WSL2?


P.S. Unless something else is going on during the odd missed network connection, try debian@beaglebone.local on WSL2 on Win 11. What image are you using? What kernel? This may help shed some light.

This turned out to be an issue with the USB driver on new Dell laptop.

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Have you tried using the “ssh debian@beaglebone.local” command on WSL2? This command lets you connect to your PocketBeagle using SSH. Give it a shot and see if you can establish a connection that way. It would also be helpful to know which image and kernel you’re using on your PocketBeagle. This info might give us some clues about what’s going wrong. If you’re not sure, check the documentation or setup instructions you used when setting up your device. While we’re at it, make sure your network settings in Windows 11 are all good. Check that your network adapter is enabled and working properly in the Network and Internet settings in the Control Panel. If the problem persists, try using a different USB cable or port to connect your PocketBeagle. Sometimes, connection problems can be caused by a faulty cable or port. Btw, reinstalling your Windows may also work out. Did you get your OS from the official cheap windows keys service? Just curious.