PocketBeagle workshop at Hackaday Supercon

FYI - workshop at the Hackaday Superconference on weekend of November 11th:

"Rapid Prototyping & Linux Kernel Development with the PocketBeagle Platform"



Hi Drew,
Awesome, I just received my PocketBeagle today from arrow.com. Is this going to be a full day workshop ? And are there any prerequisites, in terms of getting acquainted to certain topic’s before attending the workshop…Thanks for the help - Carmelito

Robert Nelson is running the workshop so hopefully he can elaborate on those details.

What would you like us to talk about? :wink:

aka, i'm still writing everything up.. Definitely be going over
u-boot, kernel, u-boot overlays, config-pin, adafruit-io... :wink:


Just a note, all workshops already sold out.

Okay, Thanks for letting me know…Please let me know if a spot opens up for -Rapid Prototyping & Linux Kernel Development with the PocketBeagle Platform ,and I will register for the workshop… - Carmelito

Does anyone know if the sessions will be recorded and then posted online at some point like with the ELC?

Thanks! jeff

OH great, i hope they don't record me... :wink:

The Lab/Project/etc is hosted here:


Still working on all the lecture notes/etc. :wink:


The talks are recorded and put on YouTube but I do not believe any of
the workshops were recorded.



Ok Cool!

Well I hope you offer more workshops (which I assume is like a lab exercise with a BeagleBoard.org instructor) in the future - maybe even at ELC! Since Robert’s workshop is booked-up, I think it goes without saying that there’s potentially a big demand for this kind of thing…

+1 to Jeff’s comment, would it be possible to share the lab hand outs/presentation… Thanks - Carmelito

(Sorry if this is a necrobump, don’t know how stale a thread has to be before considered a necrobump…)

Looks like Supercon will be live streaming on YouTube and Facebook. See the following link and subscribe to the respective channel(s):