PocketBeagle's I2C Voltage

I am starting doing projects with Beagle Boards, and I am planning to do one using I2C communication the board and a liquid flow sensor. I never used I2C, but from what I researched, the bus voltage of the master and the slave needs to be the same, otherwise you need extra hardware, like a level shifter.

I read the PocketBeagle’s documentation and related information, and all points with Pocket, I need a 3.3V voltage, but since I am not certain, I come here to ask if anyone can confirm this

i2c bus on the BBB and PocketBeagle is 3.3V…


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Given that I2C are open collector outputs - you need pullup resistors on the lines. You should be able to connect a 3.3v device to one powered by 5V as long as the pullups go to 3.3V. A high on 3.3V would still be seen as a high on 5V.

Thank you very much.