Policy change regarding mailing list subscriptions

Given the recent incident of someone joining the mailing list and
posting spam, I'm no longer automatically accepting requests to join
anyone who doesn't give an answer to the question regarding what idea
do they have for the Beagle Board on the membership sign-up request.
I will always maintain the policy that anyone can read the existing
posts at http://groups.google.com/group/beagleboard, but to have
rights to post without moderation, you must provide some indication
you have interest in the Beagle Board. I hope that you all appreciate
this change in policy and that it can be implemented effectively to
prevent future spam on this mailing list.

Now that you are on it. Could you change the reply-to field? It's good
that the ml is the default, but it would be nice if the person replied
to is at least in cc.

I do not see that as an option within the Google Groups configuration panel. Options are:
1) Replies are sent to the whole group.
2) Replies are sent to the author of the message.
3) Replies are sent to the owners of the group.
4) Users decide where their replies are sent.

I am willing to go with 1 or 4. I agree the ideal would be 1 & 2, but that isn't shown as an option.

Is subscription to the list prerequisite for mailing the list? 1+2
makes sense if non-subscribers could post to the list but if they
can't then there is no benefit other than a unique corner case
involving mail munging based on reply-to fields.