Porting Android on BeagleBoard - xM

Dear All,

I am trying to port Android latest versions on the Beagle Board xM. I
had found many posts / projects on the porting android on BeagleBoard,
but not on Beagle Board xM.

I am learner and want to do it from scratch. like building bootloader,
kernel, RFS ....

I need another help from you:

I was trying to connect the Beagle Board xM with the LCD HDTV in
particular LG LH70YR using a HDMI connection at both the ends and
serial cable to Hyperteminal on a laptop. In this case nothing comes
up on the LCD screen nor on the Hyperterminal with proper settings as
mentioned in the projects.

The SD card is inserted and power is given to the board as well as
HDTV with the default booting files and images given in the SD card.

A quick response in this regard is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

you can mail me at bhanu.ace@gmail.com


That's because the non xM guides still apply to the xM... (minus the
guides that used nand to boot)


The oxdroid, rowboard, cowboid, etc ports aren't enough and we need more ports?!?!

Koen, let me clarify one thing:
in India if you could compile and run software on some platform - then you made a port of this software. So you can run to register your rights for this software and request for royalties :smiley:

best wishes,

2010/11/2 Koen Kooi <koen@beagleboard.org>

That is not what a port is, regardless of what India says. And just
why would anyone pay royalties to you, for a free software without
source changes? Not to mention that Android is GPL'd, so you'd have to
provide the source even if changed.


Android is mix of apache and bsd, with very, very few GPL components.

But at least one very essential one, named kernel...

And *if* you can find someone to pay you royalties for a port, then
maybe you're a good businessman.


Frans Meulenbroeks wrote:

It needs only one GPL component for what I've written above to apply.