Porting from BeagleBone Black (BBB) to BeagleBone Green Wireless (BBGW)

Hello All,

I’ve been working with BBB on a project which uses Xenomai (2.6.4 and 3), PRU and bunch of serial devices (UART, I2C and SPI). I want to move my application to BBGW (for WiFi and Bluetooth).

I know there are images for BBGW (i’m still unclear which image to use), but can someone confirm if they have used Xenomai and PRUs with BBGW and if they had any difficulty.

I’d really appreciate any advice on which image/kernel version to use.


Hi there,

Sorry, that I can’t answer the question. I am curious on the same thing with you. Did you get an answer to this question?

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Deemarc B.

เมื่อ วันเสาร์ที่ 25 กุมภาพันธ์ ค.ศ. 2017 3 นาฬิกา 55 นาที 53 วินาที UTC+7, agm...@gmail.com เขียนว่า:

I’ve had no issues with the PRU (using the latest jessie IoT image) on the BBGW. The biggest issue I had was that the wireless stuff on the BBGW is wired very differently than the BBBW and it consumes a bunch (13) of GPIO pins. I had to completely redesign a cape I had to work on the the BBGW to avoid all the pins it sucks up. Pins not available: P8_11, P8_12, P8_14-P8_18, P8_26, P9_12, P9_28-31. I definitely prefer the BBBW for this reason. The wireless stuff on there doesn’t consume any of the gpios.

Basically, check your board. You list SPI as something you need. SPI1 is on P9_28-31 and thus wouldn’t work. (you MIGHT be able to get it to work with a custom overlay. Those pins I think are just used for bluetooth audio so a custom overlay for BBGW that disables that might work, no idea)


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the answer. I just needs a few GPIO and a CAN BUS (P9_19,20,24,and 26) from info it should be find.

by the way, how about xenomai did you try it out on BBGW?

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Deemarc B.