Porting of customized linux


We have purchased new beagle board -Xm. We are trying to port a Linux
(2.6.25-14) kernel on it.

We have formatted the 4GB micro SDcard.
We have copied mlo, u-boot.bin and usr.scr files in to the card (These
were copied from the sd card before formatting it.)

We are success full till getting uboot loader.

Now we got stuckked at this point. Now how to port the kernel in to
the sd card.

one more question:
We have seen rootfs.img and ramdisk.gz files along with the other
files present in the sd card, that has given along with beagle -xm
board. What is the purpose of those files and are they

Thank you
Aditya B

ramdisk.gz and rootfs.img contain the necessary kernel modules to load ur OS.
So they r necessary.

If u are to load another operating system u must hav the corresponding u-boot such that it boots the kernel correctly.

For example if u r to use ubuntu u must have to put u-boot correspondingly so that it will initialize uImage and uInitrd that is used bu ubuntu.

Hi Gokul,

     Thanks for the information, we have some queries here please
clarify them.

i)Is u-boot operating system specific ..??
ii)ramdisk and roofs are also O.S specific...?
iii)ramdisk and initrd are same..?
iv)will ramdisk come with kernel ..?