Possible to install Adafruit_BBIO on local Mac OX dev machine??

I’ve got Adafruit_BBIO installed and working on BBB.

However, I’d prefer to write code on my Mac OSX machine using an IDE like PyCharm.

Maybe this is an obvious questions, but is it possible to install Adafruit_BBIO on the local machine so at least the IDE can recognized the classes, etc. I realize that it would not ‘run’ locally for all the obvious reasons, but being able to seamlessly develop on the Mac and then transfer to the BBB would be great.

I’m fairly new to Python, so perhaps this is an obvious question. I’ve tried the easy thing “pip install Adafruit_BBIO”, but get various errors. Following the dependance chain just resulted in more errors. I’m assuming that some of them are Debian specific modules/etc.