Possible to SSH into BBB via iphone?

I’m wondering if it is possible to SSH into my BeagleBone Black from my iphone while in my house? I have the iphone app Telnet Lite which lets me enter the ip address and port number and would like to access the BBB when only power and ethernet is connected. The latest Angstom is installed and new to me so nothing else is installed.

Yes its very well possible. I do it all the time in my hostel room. Find and install ssh apps on the iPhone.

Excellent! Using Telnet Lite I’ve entered and port 22 but nothing. I can ssh into if on a regular pc but it doesnt work on my phone when i’m at home.

I can ssh through my ipad using an app called Server Auditor.

Well "" is the network address created by physically
connecting your pc to the bone over the usb cable. So of course it
isn't going to work on your phone. Check your router for what ip it
got over the Ethernet interface.


Perfect. Now I get it.
Sorry for the lame question but I’m new to this and will probably ask even worse questions in the future.

you can also try:

ssh root@beaglebone.local

Should work with most routers over ethernet of course.