Power consumption of dm37 vs am335

Hi folks!

I have a dispute with one of my customers about the power consumption of DM3730 and AM3354, both running at 1GHz. My customer tries to ensure me that if to disable the internal DSP in DM3730 the whole CPU will consume less power than AM3354 running at the same frequency, because “DM37 is a mobile processor”. I do not agree with this statement, however I can’t prove it in numbers.

Can anybody share your thoughts?

The customer is correct, but not because it is a Mobile processor specifically. At 1.8V rails, it will consume less power as a SOC. If you have to level shift a bunch of stuff to use it, then the power of the overall solution will go up.



I am still free to power all rail by 1.8V at am335x systems, right? In this case I would consider similar or less consumption because am335 has integrated stuff like EMAC and USB PHY. Am I right?

It will be closer. But the AM37 is lower power than the AM335X overall. The dual voltage I/Os are more power hungry, even at 1.8V.