Power Consumption USB WLAN Connector

Hello all,

i´m using a BagleBoard xM Rev C with a USB WLAN Stick.
If I download big files sometimes the board crashes and goes into
reboot by itself.

Can that be a problem of the power consumption. The board is also
connected to a Monitor via HDMI.

Is it possible to fix that by using a power supply with maybe more
than 500mA?

Best Regards

I would definitely get one in the 1->2 amp range..

I setup a weather station with an xM C, with just a usb camera and
wifi, under load (picture/compression/upload) my xM is pushing
650->750mA, before it drops down...


1.2A is the recommended minimum, 2A is suggested. http://beagleboard.org/peripheral#5V

Digital electronics tend to draw power in bursts; a cheap PSU might be
able to keep up with the average current demand, but not the peak
current demand.