Power failur .

Hi ,

I am working with BeagleBone Black.

From today morning my BBB wont power on.

There is no led blink even power led also.

anybody can help me to resolve the problem.

Sounds like you may have broken it. How are you powering the board? What was the last thing you were ding with the board?


i did connect rs232 to serial converter to this board . . .

connect ground with p9.1 , rx pin to p9.24 and tx pin to p9.26 . . . I did configure UART-1 in my beaglebone . but it work perfectly.

after i connected rs232 the board could not power up. . .

what kind of converter did you connect?
do you have a part number of the converter?
the I/O is 3.3v anything above that and you fry the cpu

Oh . I connected r232 12v converter thats my fault.

thank u for your help.

I need some clarification about BeagleBone.

Currently working in Serial communication and configured UART-1 [ P9_24 =TXD , P9_26 = RXD ] and UART-2 [ P9_21 =TXD , P9_22 = RXD ] in this pins.

I can transmit and receive data from UART_1 to UART_2 and vice verse using simple wires ( see image 2).

Now i try to communicate with external device using CP2102 USB to TTL serial converter 3.3 volts ( image 1).

I have connected TXD (P9_24) pin of BeagleBone to RXD of converter and RXD (P9_26) pin of BeagleBone to TXD of converter.
After this connection made , BeagleBone board’s power off and stopped working .

may i know why this problem happens , please help me o find out the solution to overcome this problem.

The voltage levels have been checked for 3.3 v and the connections were verified. Adaptor Ground → BB Ground
Adaptor TX → BB RX of uart1
Adaptor RX → BB TX of uart1