Power Measurement

I am interested in the power consumption of various elements of the design (core, mmu, i/o, etc.). Right now it looks like you can only look at the power drawn from the power source (via the sense resistor) which would be difficult to assign to any particular element of the BeagleBoard.

Have you thought of putting sense resistors (or jumpers for sense resistors) between the power management chip and the elements it powers? It would be very cool to get a sense for what is drawing power at various points in time and how their magnitudes compare. A lot of interesting research would be possible optimizing the BeagleBoard for power.


We have no plans to add such a function on Beagle as it causes issues with the integrity of the design and would result in a much larger board size and spread the components appart. There are such resistors on the OMAP3530 EVM, but not to the extent that I am sure you would like to see.