Power on fail and dead on my BBB


I have a BBB that I bought several months ago. Recently, it seems that the board gets suddenly


To be specific, when I plug-in power cable into BBB, the board reponses anything just after blinking USER1 LED once.

I want to make sure that because I didn’t connect any peripherals there was no overcurrent or short that make the SOC dead.

Anyway, I bought another BBB. But the new one also gets the same problem just after one week later.

I want to know if other people suffer similar problem and is there a solution to revive my boards.

Best regards

Heecheol Yang

I would start with a different power supply.
One that is 5.0 Volts, plus/minus 0.25 Volts, under load, and no-load.

One blink means the BBB power supply has gone into self-protect.
It might be an external power problem. It might be an internal failure, such as a damaged I/O pin.

— Graham

Thank you very much, Graham!

Then, I have to find the another power which is suitable to my board.