Power Requirements for Beaglebone black and LCD Display(4DCAPE-43)

Hello all,

Does anyone have any idea of power requirements for BBB & 4 inch LCD display (4DCAPE-43) combination?

Note: I recently purchased a BBB and the display is on its way.

  1. Can the USB power both BBB and 4 inch LCD Display?
  2. If the 5V supply is need what is minimum require current? A good guess is sufficient.
    Base on little research in TPS65217C USB and AC lines are connect to SYS.

Your thought is appreciated.

I doubt very much USB can power both. 5V, I would guess around 2A. But the 4D people should say what the current is that they require.

Yes the TPS65217C switches between either USB or the 5VDC input. If the 5VDC is there, it gets connected.


No chance USB will work. Get 2A adapter.

Thanks for the feed back

I was able to power the 4 inch 4Dsystem display with a USB cable. I guess the 4D system 4inch LCD display requires less current.