Power supply induced failure?

At some point my BBB developed the problem that the power supply LED no longer turns on. This happened while trying to get the HDMI interface working. When powered just through the USB cable the board still seams to boot and work correctly, I have still never managed to get the HDMI or even the Ethernet working correctly. I’m assuming the power controller chip must have gotten fried. Is this a “repairable” problem? Can I bypass the power chip some how and get more power onto the board then the USB port alone will deliver? Should I just be happy I didn’t wreck the whole board? There does seem to be a bit more to powering this board and an HDMI monitor and sucking power out of the USB safely then is immediately obvious. Thanks.

P.S. I wouldn’t even bother with the monitor if there were a simple, cheap solution to getting audio.

Any part on the board can be removed and replaced. Whether it fixes the issue or not, depends on whether it was the part that has failed. You cannot bypass the power chip. It supplies all the voltages for the circuitry on the board, none of which runs on 5V but other voltages instead as generated by the power chip. USB limits by definition the current consumption to 500mA maximum.