Power supply (multiadapter) help

Hi, My beagleboard has arrived and I now have everything in my
possesion to start playing around, except my new power supply is a
regulated 5v multi adapter and i don't know whether the positive
should go to the tip or the negative, embarassing I know. I naturally
don't want to damage my hardware so i was wondering if anyone could
please confirm which way around to plug in the head. Thanks everyone
and please go easy on me.


Hi Rob,

Good question, I was just thinking about that myself. I am hoping to power my board up tonight and start playing with it.

The centre pin is +5V according to page 38 of the Hardware Reference Manual: http://www.beagleboard.org/uploads/Beagle_HRM_B4.pdf

I hope this helps

  • Geoff

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Thats brilliant Geoffrey can't thank you enough, looks like i'll be
able to give a good mess around with the board when i get back in a
few hours, thanks for taking the time to reply (especially so quickly)
and good luck with your own endeavors,

No Worries

Good luck

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It is center positive, 2.1mm I.D. and 5.5mm O.D… You can find more details on this in the Hardware Reference Manual.