Power Supply to BeaglePlay through USB-C

Hello everyone!

I’m developing a power supply to energize a BeaglePlay through its USB-C Connector. To achieve this objective, I’ve been studying the USB-C standard, especially its power charge capabilities.

It’s informed that the USB-C interface in BeaglePlay doesn’t support PD (Power Delivery) mode, so I thought that it should be fine to connect the VBUS and GND terminals of the connector directly to a 5V generic linear voltage regulator.

Although this possibility seemed good, I found in various sources that USB-C must be implemented with cold plugging, in which VBUS would only be 5V if the host connector (in this case, the power supply) detects a direct connection with the guest (the BeaglePlay). Therefore, the power supply would need a specialized subcircuit to guarantee the characteristic mentioned.

In the end, do you know if, from the point of view of BeaglePlay itself, there is a need for the cold plugging subsystem mentioned for the power supply, or is it enough to just apply 5V and GND to the VBUS and GND pins of the USB-C connector?

Checking the bbplay circuit, there’s nothing usbc specific about the power input connection - it uses a usbc connector that’s all. Just connect it to any decent 5V supply.