powering AM335x chip (for a board design similar to beagle bone)

I've been reading the SPRS717 –OCTOBER 2011 AM335x datasheet
and the SPRUH73B–October 2011–Revised November 2011 Tech Ref Manual
and have not figured out exactly which pins are the power supply inputs.

VSS has many many ZCZ package balls devoted to it, so it is the main ground return for current,
but the datasheet and manual could be more helpful about pin by pin definitions
for power...

VDD_CORE has many many pins. So it must be one of the voltage inputs to the chip?

Section 4 of SPRS717 starts with a nice diagram,
Figure 4-1. Preferred Power-Supply Sequencing with Dual-Voltage I/Os Configured as 3.3 V,
showing the sequence of 1.8V power

So those must be the 1.8V inputs.

Is Section 4 of SPRS717 the one place where power layout connections come from?

Is using that and comparing to the beagle board layout rs274-x files
the best way to decide how to power the XAM3358 or XAM3359?

Thanks, John

              Table 2-7 in the data sheet has the ball definitions and the TPS65217 User’s Guide for AM335x Processors (slvu551a)
defines the voltages expected for each rail in table 3.


This has

You could look at the BeagleBone schematic and get a pretty good idea where the power pins are.