Powering BBB via USB charging port on hub

First off let me say that I am in the process of ordering a BeagleBone Black and that this will be my very first SBC. :slight_smile:

I was looking at USB hubs and came across the HooToo HT-UH003 7-Port Hub (http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=0J2-0020-00004). This USB hub contains one port dedicated to charging devices (no data) with the following power specs:

  • Charging Port = 5V/2A

  • Power supply = 5V/4A

  • center positive

I plan on cutting off the end of a USB cable & soldering a power plug onto it in order to power the BBB’s DC jack via the USB charging port. I see no reason why this won’t work but I wanted an experts opinion before placing my order.

And as an added bonus I should be able to use the USB hub’s power adapter directly on the BBB for times when I don’t require extra USB ports.

Depending on exactly what you do and how you wire it, it could work.


Thanks Gerald, that let me know that I am not out in left field.

I just discovered that these cables actually exist. They are not that common which explains why I haven’t seen one before. So here is what I plan to use to power my BBB via a USB charging port:


Make sure the polarity is correct.


There is really no need to buy that cable.
If you go to Radio Shack you can get this connector in a two pack for less than half the price.
This is what I used with an old USB cable I had lying around and it works well.
A plus is that the housing unscrews so if one of the wires breaks on the inside all i have to do is take it apart and resolder it.


Special Computing offers their USB Power cable that can be cut to order (max 6 ft) which you can also request just the parts so you cut/solder it yourself (to add strapping resistors on the USB end, etc).


Thank you everyone for your help & advice!

StarTech lists it as having a positive center tip polarity which matches the BBB manual

@Wilfredo Nieves
That was my original plan but then I realized that I have no spare USB cables kicking around that I can cut up. I was also surprised to see that buying that plug from The Source (formerly Radio Shack in Canada) is about practically the same cost as just buying the cable.

I can get the cable at Canada Computers for cheaper, plus they are local so I don’t have to worry about shipping.