Powering down a Beaglebone black that is being powered from a LiPo battery


Working a beaglebone black that I am trying to power both with a wall wart and with LiPo battery thru the TPS functionality. I have all the power working well except that I cannot get the damn thing to power down from the power switch on the board. Holding the switch down for 8 seconds causes the thing to power down momentarily but then it power back up. Any idea how to work around this?

One piece of information I found with respect to this issue was on this forum where someone said:

Regarding the lithium battery pack idea, it’s a good one except for one
little issue with the bone where a rework is required in order to power
down into TPS65217 OFF or SLEEP modes when a battery is connected due
to SYS voltage staying present and the way 3.3V_EXP is generated. So
long as you don’t want to power off with the battery still connected
there’s no issue, though.

Anyone know what this workaround is or where I could find info on it?



The SW has to support the power down based on the pushing of the switch.