PowerVR install for the Beaglbone Black on Debian BullsEye

Is it possible (without consulting with the Imagination folks and without using Imagination’s pre-built Debian 9 image containing the pre-installed PowerVR /GLES software), to install a cohesive set of Imagination SGX530 GPU drivers and OpenGL ES software on a Debian 11 image ( BullsEye), so that I may successfully run the sample applications in the PowerVR SDK? I am interested in the OpenGLES vs. the Vulkan applications.

I only want to know if it is possible, not necessarily how to do it.

Maybe my answer is in here:


Which led me to this link:

I am somewhat disappointed and I think this is maybe not worth pursuing any further…

I was interested in the PowerVR NullWS approach vs installing Xserver/Weston/Wayland (NullWS works on the standalone images provided). I moved to the BullsEye distro, due to GLIBC version incompatibilities encountered during cross compilation.

I also understand that the SGX drivers NOT being open source is not really helping things much.

Although Remi and Robert’s comments were helpful, I never successfully got the PVR system to start on BullsEye, even after modifying the DTS files to start the SGX GPU (which if I understand correctly, is not enabled by default). Perhaps that process was flawed.

I had multiple problems with the libdrm-omap, libgbm and EGL dependencies and tried a number of installation strategies, including installing Remi’s deb packages…none of these strategies were successful.

If this is possible, it seems really, really hard and obscure. Trying to coordinate the proper versions of DRM EGL and SGX drivers and given some of the TI documentation seems a bit dated, the juice doesn’t seem to be worth the squeeze.

Yeah…that was a waste of time… Precious hours of my life I would like to have back…