precise header locations on beagle xM to cut holes in case?

where would i find a schematic of the precise locations of the
headers on a beagle xM so that i could ask someone to cut extra slots
in a plastic case? here's the case i currently have for the xM:

which, as you can see, has a slot in the top to allow access to the
expansion and camera connector (sort of).

  however, if you look at your xM, first, it would be useful to have
an extra slot for access to the JTAG header.

  also, while there's a current slot for the expansion connector, the
header for that is actually on the *underside*, along with additional
headers that might be useful.

  so i'm after a diagram that shows the precise locations of those
heades to facilitate being able to tell someone where to cut slots in
a re-designed case. thanks.


p.s. the basic case pieces as they are are correct, of course. all
that's necessary is to provide more openings.

I guess this info can be cut out from the Gerber files. Just open them
in CAM350 and use the measuring tool