Preinstalled Linux on SD card?

I am ready to buy a BeagleBoard xM. However, I do not know Angstrom nor do I want to learn it. Flashing a SD card is more complex than downloading an ISO and burning it for i86 computers. So, I looked and looked for a SD card preinstalled with Fedora or Debian or even Ubuntu. Does any one know of a company selling it? They are available for the Cubox and DreamPlug. Thanks.

Dear … u can build it by yourself… its really easy.

If you refuse to learn the OS you're going to use as you stated, you're going to be wasting lots of your time, as well as peoples time on these lists, your money and never get the most out of the product you're buying.

Dont be so lazy, the sd-card is beyond simple to make!! If you can dl and burn an .iso you can make an sd-card. Again don't be so lazy, also just because they are available, DOES NOT mean you can get away with learning nothing about Angstrom and Linux. Heck there are scripts you can use as a basis to make your sd-card out there.


Calling these smart hard working people lazy is simply rude and arrogant. We’re all impressed you are not lazy by building your own OS, growing your own food, milling your own flour, preparing your own meals, building your own computer, house, car, clock, wheel, etc The rest of us depend on others in the community to be more productive.

LOL OK nice comparisons to making an sd-card. But I actually do many of the things you listed, living on a ranch and all, but again they do not relate in any way other than to reply in a pissy/whiny manner about a response that in no way was directed to you, your business or even the products you offer!! I did not knock you or your business in anyway.

But to me someone who flat out says they DO NOT want to learn something that is beyond well documented and only a couple steps and there are even automated scripts, is what I was referring. Nor did I say there was no use for the cards you offer, I know they do have a use.

Maybe do not read into a statement so much and take it as it is stated. Glad I have not dealt with your company with a response like that, seems to me your just as rude as you claim I am for stating something about the OP's statement. My statement was to the OP, not the group's efforts, skills, information and so on, your company or any other entity you would like to twist my statement into fitting your twist.

So unless you can prove me wrong that I directly attacked your products/company/person or even the group in general with my simple statement I stand behind my verbiage. As I know it did none of what you are claiming, go enjoy the day cheer up!