Preparing for GSoC 2023

Hello everyone,

GSoC’23 timeline is already out and looks like it’s going to be very fun with all the new GSoC guidelines and flexibility for long/short projects. This time we are starting bit early to prepare for better collaboration and project execution. We will be meeting biweekly as per - gsocmeet and as we approach towards the timeline we will switch to weekly timings.

Below are the meeting objectives as shared by @jkridner on slack,

  1. Improve on-boarding process for all new contributors via Contribution — BeagleBoard Documentation.
  2. Establish processes that encourage the greatest GSoC/Beagle community bonding/building, including engaging the experts on IRC and Forum while not intimidating students. This may include getting the Slack/IRC Matrix bridge working, account unification, and greater forum integration with git/slack/etc.
  3. Establish tracking mechanisms, including daily code check-ins and CI, such that everyone involved can help remove blockers.
  4. Make it easy to add and gain support for Beagle Improvement Projects/Proposals as sources of GSoC ideas. Use GitHub - helium/HIP: Helium Improvement Proposals for inspiration, but make sure we can successfully define and discover ways to improve everyone’s experience with building embedded systems.
  5. Ways to keep students engaged and feel more rewarded for their contributions.
  6. Other thoughts people want to weigh-in on.

Additionally, @Vaishnav also shared a very good idea, which is to have have different tasks for students to prove their ability to execute a project. Currently we only require a “Hello World” application and generating a pull request to to qualify. which is not enough to judge a student’s ability to successfully complete a project which may require basic knowledge of some core technology used in the project. BTW, some students do create valuable pull requests for the projects they are interested in even before GSoC coding period begins. We just have to encourage other students who really want to learn even if they don’t have any prior experience with the core technologies. Some basic tasks we thought to include are to,

  1. Create a basic Zephyr application and run on the native_posix target.
  2. Compile and debug base Device Trees and create new overlays.

All the project ideas for GSoC’23 will be shared on BeagleBoard/GSoC/Ideas-2023 - Please don’t hesitate to share if you think something is missing. We appreciate all your valuable thoughts/feedback/suggestions to improve project selection & execution for GSoC’23 @

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