Preparing the kernel (Robert Nelson) for SPI


I plan to order a SPI based RTC (D3234) from Watterott as soon as it
is available again.
In the meanwhile a want to configure Robert Nelsons kernel to be ready
for this purpose.
In one of the tutorials regarding SPI and the Beaglebone I read that
-- as soon as the kernel is "SPI-ready" :wink: -- there will be a
according device under /dev.

These are the configuration which are set
in my kernel config


(I grepped for 'SPI' and DS3234 only)


In the dmesg I only found this SPI-related:

    [ 0.099822] omap2_mcspi.1: alias fck already exists
    [ 0.099914] omap2_mcspi.2: alias fck already exists

and I dont know what that means...(fck?)...

and nothing, which looks like SPI-related under /dev...

Q: Is my kernel SPI-ready now?

If not, what did I miss here?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
Best regards,