Problem: BeagleBone Rev.A5 with LCD 7'' Rev.A2 not working

Hello all

I am trying to install the BeagleBone LCD screen 7’’ in my BeagleBone with linux (ubuntu 12.04), but it doesn’t appear anything when i connect it. I am using a 5V in the screen and it is no image… Any solution?? I tryed also to put my BeagleBone in the screen with the newest version of angstrom IDE (18.06.2012) but it doesn’t works :SS…


I suggest you to request an RMA for your board at BeagleBoardToys


I was writing to CircuiCo support by email to give some solution to this problem and they answered me for a few days…

At first time i solved it connecting the LCD with another voltage source and it was running properly!!! :), but i pressed the reset buttom of the screen with the same voltage source parameters and it was not working anymore :(. I report it to CircuitCo all what happened me and they didn’t wrote me anymore…

If you solve this problem changing the LCD voltage drive IC TPS65105PWP tell me plz and i will try to change it.

2012/10/3 Hieu Duong <>


For my case, I’ve discovered that the problem comes from my voltage supplies at the IC TPS65105PWP, it turns out that one of the capacitor C25 on the LCD7 board had been chipped off and it damaged the solder pad that cuts the connection between the 2 feedback resistors. And this causes the supplies to unable to function. I have replaced the feedback resistor R58 and wired to the R55 bypassing the broken link. The voltages now are correct and LCD working now.

My problem may be different from yours, hope you can find your solution soon.