Problem conecting BBB


Recently I reloaded angstromg for my BBB but can´t connect it trought ssh. I need to do this because I don´t have a monitor and I only get acces to the web by wifi but I need to install the drivers first on my beaglebone, what can I do to get acces to my bbb again? also my laptop doesn´t recognize the bbb when plug it with usb but I know it works because I tried at work and I had no problem, except for the ssh that didn’t work either. I’am using the latest distribution I found of angstrom and an bbb A5A.

Hope you can help me.

When you reloaded Angstrom, did you go through the getting started page step by step? Including driver installation?
When you finished flashing, did you remove the SD card from the BBB?

If you’re having problems with the SSH Client, check out the FAQ page.

Thank you Juan.

My BBB is functional again, just followed the steeps in adafruit page and it seems to work fine.