Problem Controlling BBB GPIO from Web

If you can limit the different things you are trying and focus on
describing the step-by-step you followed from a known starting point,
it would be much easier to respond. You seem to be missing some basic
understanding of how things work.

Looking at Simon's example (without the book in front of me), it seems
clear he's relying on starting up a server on port 8085.

What happens when you execute 'node 09_01_led_control_server.js'? What
is the output from the script?

What happens when you browse to (or
http://beaglebone.local:8085 if over Ethernet/WiFi)?

All of these examples are interesting and helpful to aide your
understanding, but none take full advantage of what comes pre-setup on
the boards. If you want to keep it simple, at least from my
perspective, you can simply use something like this:

I borrowed from Simon's example, but skipped the process of setting up
a new server, since the existing server works fine. I also skipped the
part about defining message senders and handlers, since BoneScript
already has remote procedure call senders and handlers built in.

Save simpleLED.html using the Cloud9 IDE and then browse to You should be good-to-go. If your
board is at another address, you'll need to change the address in the
URL. The built-in server, and RPC should do all the hard
work for you.

You can even do this super-quick from JSFiddle:

If your board is at a different address, again, you'd need to change
the external resource to point to your board.

Hope this helps. If it does, please consider writing it up in a way
that you understand and putting it out there for others. It all seems
simple to me, but that's because I already know it. Getting it
explained from the point of view of someone just starting is critical.