problem logging in with getty on beaglebone black

I am learning Embedded Linux using the book titled “Mastering Embedded Linux Programming” by Chris Simmonds on page 131 of the second edition. He speak about adding the following lines to an “inittab” file in /etc when building a ram file system.

There is a version of getty in BusyBox. You launch it from inittab using the keyword

respawn, which restarts getty when a login shell is terminated, so inittab should read

like this:


::respawn:/sbin/getty 115200 console


My problem is when I do this I can’t seem to log in I get re-occurring message

getty: can't open '/dev/null': No such file or directory

Any insight would be appreciated.

Replace "console" with your actual serial link name..

BeagleBone Black: ttyO0



Please ignore my previous post. The last rootf I built didn’t have the correct nodes installed


$ cd ~/rootfs
$ sudo mknod -m 666 dev/null c 1 3
$ sudo mknod -m 600 dev/console c 5 1


Added the following command rebuilt the ram file system and all is well again. Thanks.

Thanks Robert,

I fixed the issue as shown in my last post. Appreciate your time taken to reply.