Problem of CAN with Debian 8.2

I am using debian 8.2, BB-CAN1 cape

I used ifconfig or ip link to check, it shows can0 is up and running, but can’t receive or send any message.

Then I searched and find one post mentioned loopback, so I turned loopback on, it start working but all messages received 2 times. Once I turned loopback off, it stopped working again.

How to solve this issue?


CAN requires at least two devices on the bus running the same bit rate. That’s because the sender of a message expects all receivers to assert a dominant bit in the ACK slot at the end of the message. Without receivers the protocol resends the message continuously.
Your easiest solution is to pick up an inexpensive dongle like a CANUSB to serve as a working CAN device while you develop your application.