Problem on USB OTG

I've just bought a used rev B4 BeagleBoard. After having updated its u-
boot, I've decided to boot from SD, with 2 partitions as always
I've downloaded an angstrom distro, with the latest 2.6.29 kernel.
Unoftunately, the kernel sometimes doesn't boot, hanging after some
USB interrupt management during the boot.
This behaviour is totally random, sometimes work, some other not at

So far I was using the Beagle powered by the miniUSB OTG. After having
unplugged it, powering the system by a normal 5V adapter, all seems to
work correctly now, and the kernel always boots 'til the login.

I guess so far it's a problem with the OTG driver, could it be? I've
searched through this group and I've there are some problems with the
latest kernel 2.6.29 and the OTG management.

Is this right? Do you know, please, if there are workaroun kernel
patches to this problem?

Thank you in advance for your help.