problem to flash eMMC from SD card

hi, i am trying to flash the eMMC from SD card.i have downloaded the image file from . i used 7zip to make to convert to .img file and wrote the img file using win32 disk imager . then when i put the sd card on the sd slot of BBB and connect the BBB using usb all the 4 LEDs lits up and nothing happens. i left the BBB in this for about 2 hours connected with the usb and no led blinked. all remain unlinked the hole time .then i unplugged the usb and removed the SD card then plugged in the usb . bt nothing happens .what the problem is. please help me .

Did you follow the instructions on the Support Wiki? You are not supposed to flash using USB power, so I am not sure you did…

Check the instructions and follow them exactly.


i powered up the board using a usb hub.

i powered the board from a usb hub.